Our Methodology

With the Arukay system, we help educational institutions to provide the necessary tools for their students to be prepared for the challenges of the global digital job market.

Our methodology is based on 4 pillars, namely: teaching content on STEAM platform (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics); Design Thinking; 21st Century Skills and Project Based Education.


We teach the content of the STEAM platform (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), using programming as an instructional language. In this way, students have to test their knowledge by facing challenges and developing projects in different disciplines.

Design thinking

Our teaching structure is based on the stages of design thinking: Ask, Idealize, Project, Build, Learn and Test.

As part of our training for teachers, we teach best practices for implementing design thinking in the classroom.

21st Century Skills

We develop the skills students need to succeed in the information age.

Project-based learning

Our students learn in a practical and experiential way, developing projects.

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