4 tools to enhance STEM in your teaching practice

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Implementing new ways to enhance STEM areas within the teaching methodology with students should not be boring, currently there are different platforms on the internet that in a disruptive and creative way can be a tool to motivate students in these areas.

Some of them are:

  1. Toy theater: is a collection of interactive educational games for first through eighth grade. It is free and can be used from any electronic device (computers, cell phones, tablets, etc...). It has topics to learn such as math, reading, art, music, among others.

stem tools

  1. It is a software consisting of a gear simulator with motion. It is intended for those students in the upper grades of elementary school and runs on your PC, tablet and smartphone.

  1. tynker cad: is a free online tool. It is recommended for use in higher grades of school because it allows to design and print 3D parts. On the other hand, it also offers the possibility to assemble, program and simulate circuits with Arduino.

stem tools

  1. CoSpace: It is a platform for exploring and sharing three-dimensional worlds. Through the use of augmented reality and virtual reality. Using programming languages such as Blockly, Scratch and JavaScript.

stem tools

It is adaptable to any material such as:

    • Languages and literature: studying literature visually, learning foreign languages, etc.
    • Social sciences: from infographics to creative exhibits on different topics.
    • STEM & programming: explore scientific phenomena in 3D with programming and physics
    • Art: create your own ideas and stories and make them come true.

Speaker: Jhon Altamirano - Edtech Specialist

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