Colegio integrado Nuestra Señora Del Divino Amor: Third Place in the JavaScript Category

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Jeckson Leandro Africano is an electronic engineer and telecommunications technologist. For the past four years he has been working as a technology and computer teacher at the Colegio Integrado Nuestra Señora del Divino Amor in Bucaramanga, an institution where the Arukay learning system is currently being applied.

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Africano affirms that he felt the concern that all students could begin to approach programming and break with the famous myth that it is an area that can only be developed at the university. He also considers that "it is necessary to handle a second language and nowadays it is necessary to handle the programming language".

In September he participated with his students in the first Latin American programming tournament in all possible categories, from first grade to eleventh grade, and although most of the students advanced to the final round, it was David Esteban Mora who placed third in the JavaScript category.

"We got third place, very good for the first year we participated and the first year we are working completely with the Arukay platform. Now we must take steps so that it is not only one student who stands out but many more, including girls who can also stand out in STEM"
Jeckson considers it important that other institutions integrate regardless of whether their programming knowledge is not as extensive, since teachers also acquire and expand their knowledge in programming with the learning system, during development.

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