What is programming?

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Programming is a process that consists of a sequence of detailed and ordered steps, these are called algorithms and the file where we transcribe these instructions using a programming language (Python, Java, Javascript, etc) so that it can be executed by a computer, this would be the program.

This allows to create some kind of application or software, to materialize a concept or project that requires the use of a programming language. Without an algorithm there can be no program.

To better understand in a more basic and simple way you can use similes such as instructions on how to make a recipe that use a sequence of steps in a logical way (algorithms) to obtain the final dish (program). For example:

  1. Fill a pot with water
  2. Wait for it to boil
  3. Add envelope of gelatin
  4. Revolver
  5. Wait for 5 mins, etc...

These programs are a set of sentences written in a programming language that tell the computer what tasks to perform and in what order, through a series of instructions that completely detail that process without ambiguity.

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Why should you learn to program?

  • You develop computational thinking.

Programming teaches you to think differently, learning to program makes you more skilled at problem solving and that's what problem solving is based on, once you have the ability to learn to program, the brain changes. Not only for programming related problems, but also for any kind of life problems that any person has.

  • Job opportunities

In a world where everyday interactions are increasingly manifested through computer media. It is necessary for companies or businesses to have computer programmers, itis predicted that this sector will grow by 22% by 2020 and with 67% of new STEM jobs in computer science, which has become that the ability to code is a must-have skill for everyone.

Anyone can learn to program! There are different types of programming programs/languages that you can learn according to your tastes or needs, even the youngest in the house.


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