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Educational robotics is an interdisciplinary pedagogical method that allows students to develop in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. students to develop in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). (STEM). It allows children to also develop in logical thinking, imagination and linguistics.


Educational robotics is an innovative and entertaining pedagogical tool, since through playful activities students develop skills and knowledge that will be useful in the future. With this tool it is possible to improve the teaching of technical knowledge through a simple and fun way, which generates a transformation in the education of children and young people.


Among the characteristics of educational robotics is that the student ceases to be a listener in a class to become a protagonist and while building has the freedom to their creativity, as well as improve their understanding of technology. With which, they acquire skills that will be useful in their personal and professional future.

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Benefits of educational robotics

    • Teamwork: many of the challenges of this methodology must be solved by working as a team. This helps the child to develop social skills and learn to collaborate, since only by coordinating and pooling their knowledge will they be able to solve problems.
  • Leadership and confidence: as more complex tests are presented, confidence in oneself and one's abilities grows.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship: children develop new skills through experimentation and trial and error. This awakens in them the desire to innovate, to think on their own and thus undertake their own projects.
  • Logical thinking: robotics encourages logic and reasoning so, indirectly, it also works on philosophical thinking.
  • Psychomotor skills: to fit the pieces of the projects/robots together requires psychomotor and coordination work.
  • Creativity: Here imagination is always present as students must design different models, robots, constructions.


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