Yulieth Coca "Arukay opened the way for us in the programming exercise".

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Yulieth Coca has a degree in technological design from the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and has worked as a teacher for 21 years. She is currently a teacher at the school
Colsubsidio Norte.

The school has been using the Arukay learning system for three years. For the institution it has been an enriching experience and a great challenge, they consider that the first year was of simultaneous learning, teachers and students learned about Arukay and the methodology it uses for the development of skills in programming languages.

Last September they participated in the first Latin American programming tournament where they took fifty children from the school in each language, of which twenty went on to the semifinals and three won the podium.

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Brothers Sebastián and Cristian González took first place in JavaScript and App Inventor. Mariana Daza took second place in Scratch level 2.

Yulieth considers that at Colsubsidio Norte school they are "very close to the 21st century competencies that students need" and their achievements confirm it, they are currently part of the Colombian national team that is going to Germany for the robotics olympics.

Two months ago they received the call for applications where they were invited to participate along with students from different regions of the country to obtain a place in the WRO.

"We signed up and started looking for what could be a solution to the challenge which was a renewable energy robot. We put together our scenario and our COLNORTBOT team and we started to create a little robot with a lego and we started to bring it to life in a little city called Eco City, an eco-environmental city. We created a whole story and ecological world where this robot was transported around the city and provided its energy that it collected from the sun, the air and took it to different parts of the city and gave it to some vehicles.

The COLNORTBOT team is preparing to meet the objective demanded by the commitment of the robotics olympics where children must speak English and are receiving training to improve the language. 

Coca also said that the path that Arukay opened up for them in the programming exercise allowed them to begin to see other options that they had not had the opportunity to explore.

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