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Programming is the language of the future

Our Learning System has an adaptive learning model that allows us to offer a personalized experience.







What is Arukay?

It is a curricular learning system that is 100% digital, easy to implement and can be delivered virtually or in hybrid mode.

Your students will learn computational thinking and programming in different programming languages different programming languages according to age and grade level (grades K-12). We start with simple programming languages based on blocks and we increase the degree of difficulty until we reach languages with a high level of complexity.

Arukay teaches computational thinking through STEAM challenges and projects, i.e. related to science, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Teacher training, synchronous and asynchronous

Contents and Academic Guide

Platform for academic management

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  • STEAM challenge and project platform.
  • Management platform for teachers.
  • Teacher training.
  • Qualification and performance reports per student.
  • Constant accompaniment.
  • 100% remote or hybrid.
  • 100% in Spanish or English.
  • Discount for a higher number of students.
  • Implementation from first grade to twelfth grade.



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