Learning System

We developed a learning system based on 3 components

Didactic material

We have prescriptive and dynamic video tutorials that teach programming languages. Each video has concrete explanations and practical exercises for students to internalize the fundamental concepts of programming.

Teacher training

We have more than 40 hours of digital and face-to-face training for the teaching staff of educational institutions. Our training model allows teachers to learn the fundamentals of programming languages and educational methodologies that are part of Arukay's teaching model.

Management platform

We developed a grading and reporting system for teachers and principals, which allows for detailed tracking of student progress.

Content structure

Our sessions are divided into 3 areas


Video tutorials

Prescriptive and dynamic videos explaining various exercises to be performed in the classroom. The videos can be watched in groups or individually and have the objective of introducing new concepts through practical exercises.


STEAM Challenges and Workshops

Review exercises in which students must apply the knowledge acquired. These challenges are transversal to different areas of knowledge and test students' computational thinking and creativity.

Light bulb


Evaluation of conceptual and practical knowledge in debugging and syntax. The quizzes have an algorithm that allows us to offer a personalized learning experience.

Learning path

We teach different programming languages according to the age of the students.


Realizamos una implementación sencilla que cuenta con múltiples procesos automatizados que permiten que el sistema funcione rápidamente.

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