Reto App Inventor – Finales


Hola Programador! tu reto consiste en hacer un juego de arrastre!
Este minijuego debe tener tres características:

The idea is:

- Throw the blue block to the top of the screen.

- If it touches the green block, it disappears.

- If it touches the red block, the blue block bounces.



Hint: In the image there are three programming blocks, the first one when such an object is launched,
and the other two when such other is in collision with another!

But be careful, I see a global variable that will be used to give a value to the object address


Download the template so you can start the challenge: plantillalanzado_rebota

Remember to send the challenge to [email protected] as soon as you have solved it!

Best of luck!







Hi Programmer! your challenge is to make an App to overwrite letters!

For now the application is going to have only one letter on the canvas and should allow 2 features:

- By pressing the canvas and dragging your finger you paint with a thickness equal to the thickness of the letter.

- If you touch the change color button it gives you a random color and you erase everything with the other button.



Hint: Three programming blocks appear in the image, the first one when the canvas is dragged,
and the others for the buttons!

But watch out in the color blocks you can find the key to take random colors!


Remember to send your challenge to [email protected] as soon as you have solved it! Your qualification to the final will depend on how fast you deliver it and how well your challenge is done; your qualification to the final will depend on it!

Best of luck!